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ICRC- presents SAF National PD T-20 Championship second phase in Multan

India Won the World Series while England was Runner-up, Afghanistan was No 3, Pakistan was No 4, Bangladesh was No 5 Respectively this World Series organized by ECB

Federal PD Cricket Team won the Pentangular Cup while Punjab PD Cricket Team was Runner-up at NBP Sports Complex Karachi, 29 March 2019

Multan PD Cricket Team won this Championship while Islamabad Pd Cricket Team was Runner-up at Pindi Cricket Stadium Rawalpindi, 3 December 2018

The Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association (PDCA) is responsible for the promotion and expansion of the game through its associate and affiliate members throughout the country for all the Physically Disabled Cricketers of the country and PDCA is also recognized by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) who is the governing body of cricket in Pakistan.

Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association is working in synchronization with the principals and guidelines as laid down by the Pakistan Cricket board.

PDCA responsibilities include management of the game at the highest level and the organization of various domestic tournaments at national level.

The PDCA also administers the system that provides the maintenance of discipline amongst the constituent members and by the constituent members overall cricketing bodies and individuals under their control.

Achievements and Success of our Shaheens,

By umer Shaheen

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan but my personal observation for more than 25 years. I think no one would mind if cricket was called the national sport of Pakistan Old or young, rich or poor, healthy or disabled, blind, male or female, cricket seems to be in their veins, Pakistan is the only country in the world where many styles of cricket Not only are I present but I am playing regular matches in my own area and in the midwifery, in addition to normal cricket, cricket for the disabled, cricket for the blind, cricket for young children and women, cricket for lawyers, veterans cricket which I fall into three different age group categories and include wheelchair cricket for the disabled. Now tell me, in a country where there are so many different forms of cricket, does anyone ask hockey

International Activities

Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association has played First Ever International Cricket Series against England at ICC Global Cricket Academy Dubai in Feb. 2012. This was an Official Cricket Series between both the Countries. In the Series Two –T20 matches and three ODI’s were played and both were won by Pakistan. Higher Cricket authorities from ICC / ECB and PCB were present at the occasion, while Pakistan and England Cricket Team also watch the Series.

Earlier in March 2010 Pakistan Disabled Cricket Team toured of Malaysia and Singapore on invitation of both the Countries. Where Six matches were played against honoured Cricket Team and since becomes draw by 3-3.


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