Jahanzeb Tiwana (International Disabled Cricketer)

Jahanzeb Tiwana was born 10 December 1985 in the city of Muzafargargh South Punjab. Pakistan from early child hood, He had developed major disability of my right leg which prevented him the use of his lower links in a natural manner. He intensely love the game of Cricket right from his child hood rather it is a craze for him and this craze enabled him to overcome his deformity which had hindered him to play Cricket and due to his sheer hard work, determination, love of the game and encouragement offered by his family, school mates and teachers. He learned to bowl as well as to bat with confidence just like any normal players in my own peculiar Way and finally selected as a normal all-rounder of his school team  and was  able to score his first century against Talkot school team in a local tournament match. Due to consistent performance, notwithstanding the physical impairment, he was selected in Multan District under-19 in the year 2003-04 as a Wicket Keeper Batsman where he performed well in the Inter District Tournaments scoring 92 runs against the Rahim Yaar Khan District Team and 48 runs against Bahawalpur District Team. On the basis this performance in the Inter District Tournament, he was called to give trial for selection in Regional Cricket Team but unfortunately his performance as a player was ignored and   not selected only for the reason of impairment of my right limb. The selector from PCB refused his selection directly due to the disability, it is embarrassment for him and never forget the words from PCB selector.
By a stroke of sheer good luck, Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association comes in to being for the benefit of hundreds of Disabled Players like him who had the talent, energy and determination to play and perform like other normal beings but no organization was available to guide and help them and organize Tournaments or to Coach the Disabled Players.
Pakistan Disabled Cricket Association was formed by some God fearing philanthropist and due to their efforts Regional Disabled Cricket Team and clubs were formed and organized all over Pakistan, Coaches and Grounds were provided and Tournaments were organized, even the ICC woke up and recognized the Physically Disabled Cricket.
In the year 2008, we participated in the National Disabled Cricket Tournament as Captain of Multan Region Team and the Team was Runner Up in the Tournament, besides, I was selected in the normal Grade One Cricket Team of my District, On the basis of regular performance I was selected for my National Disabled team.

We toured Malaysia and Singapore to play a series in with normal club cricketers in 2010, three National Championships, three Provincial basis Pentangular tournaments we get the chance to play at International level under the umbrella of ICC in DUBAI 2012, against ENGLAND .Here the dreams of all the players of both the team became true, we all are very thankful to PDCA. “I feel proud that physical impairment and Disability is no more a stigma for me. People do not look down upon me with sympathy but are over award and full of praise when they see me performing in the grounds just like any other Normal Players”.