The Association is formed for no profit provisions of Societies Registration Act 1860 amended upto date organized and established for the promotion of Disable Person’s Cricket in Pakistan. The object for which the Association is established are following:

To find ways and means to develop the interest amongst Disable Persons who have interest to play Cricket in Pakistan.

To make Cricket Team (S), hold cricket matches and cricket tournaments and coordinate the cricket activities of Disable Persons and look after the welfare of Disable Persons Cricket’s in Pakistan.

To make regulations for organization and control of disable person’s cricket and establish harmony amongst all the disable persons and member in all parts of Pakistan and encourage healthy interchange in view of cricket.

To hold seminars and lectures to maintain harmony with the disable persons as well as all normal members and others associations with a view to develop the interest  in the games and to play cricket.

To assist and provide technical knowledge and train the Disable Cricketers and coaches in the country.

To generate funds for the promotions of Disable Persons Cricket.

To work for the betterment of Disable Persons of Pakistan and to provide Maximum relief by declaring them beneficiary in tournament(S) or any other suitable way like contract, giving stipends, Daily Allowances, Medical, Hospitalization, Allowances, and etc.

To use media either print or electronic as deem fit for the attainment of the objectives of the Association.

To launch with or without sponsors schemes, projects, for encourage of Disable Persons through Cricket involvement in all activities designed for the development of Disable Persons in Pakistan.

To frame and assist in the framing of rules of practice facilitating and simplifying the objectives of its members.

To maintain and manage any cricket training facilities for Disable Persons which may be setup by the association with or without assistance of any Financial Institution, Company, Association, Sponsors, Authority, Corporation, Private, Government, Semi Government, Autonomous Bodies or any other way.

To encourage friendly feelings, close cooperation and unanimity among the Disable Persons and members of the Associations and all matters connected with their common goals and objectives.

To obtain membership and to pay fees for the membership of any national or international bodies, institutions, organizations and subscribe to their publications if any, for furthering aim and objects of the Association.

To procure for the Association registration or recognition of the Government of any other concerned authority in the country or abroad, and take all such steps as may be necessary or expedient to enable the Association to carry on with its functions properly.

To undertake, support or add any educational and social activities for attaining the objects of the association.

To recruit, appoint, take on, deputation or on contract any employee, consultant, expert for the company and its programs and projects or enter into any other agreement in this regards or to discontinue and terminate their services as deem fit and proper by the Association.

To barrow funds and accepts donations, financial assistance from any Government, private, or any other source, agency, institution in Pakistan and abroad for use in work consistent with the purpose and objects of the Association.

To prepare and adopt by-laws, make rules and regulations, code of practice and rules of business in consistent with law or this memorandum for facilitating the proper functioning and administration of the Association, transactions of its affairs and implementation of the projects and programs sponsored by it.

To do all such other acts and things either alone or in conjunction with other Organizations or persons as the Association may consider necessary, incidental Or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.

All income of the association shall be utilized towards the promotions of the aims and objects of the association.

To, establish own funds for the betterment, do any other works beneficial and settle dispute amongst the members of the association amicably.

Association shall be run on non-commercial and non-political and non- religious basis.

Promoters, office bearers and members shall not be the paid employees of the Association, either in cash or kinds and also would not be paid employees of the Association, either in cash or kinds and also would not be paid employee in any manner.

To secure receive, accept and manage funds, donations grants endowments and any other movable property or properties from lawful sources within the country and to utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the Association,  subject to the approval of competent and legal authority.

To protect and promote rights, privileges and economic interest of the members of the Association.